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Eye Revision

What is Eye Revision ?

Eye Revision is an operation performed as a result of an unsatisfactory previous surgery to improve the inconvenient results caused by side effects.
It is important to accurately analyze the root cause of the failure from the previous surgery, and to re-do the surgery by clearly identifying the areas that will be improved and those that will not. The problem must be resolved by clearly identifying the cause with the specialist. Because of the previous surgery, the tissue and anatomical structures are often damaged, requiring a higher level of skill than the first operation. Need to have surgery done carefully and with a specialist who is experienced in revision surgery with good results. NANA Plastic Surgery has a 1:1 customized Eye Revision surgery for each individual, to perform the surgery safely.
Eye Revision Surgery Information
  • Operation

    1 - 2 Hours
  • Anesthetic

    Local Anesthesia
    ( IV Sedation )
  • Admission

  • Stitch

    5 - 7 Days After
  • Daily Activities

    4~5 Days After
    Daily Activities Are Possible
  • Treatment

    1 Time (Stitch Removal)
Ideal Candidates for Eye Revision
  • 01

    Thick case

    Significant cause of unremoved fat tissues during surgery. Previous crease line would be undone to remove unnecessary fat tissues and a more natural crease line would be made.
  • 02

    High case

    It occurs when the crease line is made excessively high. Previous crease line
    would be made
    by re-adjusting the height of the crease line.
  • 03

    Thin case

    An effect of when eyelid skin is stretched or when the crease line has been made too low. Stretched / sagging skin will be fixated above or
    a new crease line will be made higher than the previous line.
  • 04

    Uneven Eyelid

    An effect of when crease line height is made differently or when the eyelid muscle strength is different on each side. Previous crease line will be undone to readjust both eyelid muscle strength.
  • 05

    Loosened Eyelid

    Significant effect of weak fixated crease line.
    New crease line will be made through the most suitable surgery method depending
    on the condition.
  • 06

    Smaller Eyes

    Significant effect of when eyelid muscle has not been corrected. Correction will be done together with ptosis correction for more awakened look.
  • 07

    Scarred Eyelid

    When scarring is severe after previous surgery, scar tissues will be elaborately removed and sutured for cleaner appearance.
  • 08

    Unclosing Eyes

    An effect of when eyelid muscles are overcorrected or removed. Eyelid muscle will be released or surgery area will be lowered.
  • 09

    Unnatural & Unsatisfying Eyes

    When the result is unsatisfying after surgery,
    the crease line will be undone to remake the crease line more fitting through individual custom design.

When is the right time for Eye Revision recommended by NANA Plastic Surgery?

Eye Revision is divided into early correction within 1-2 weeks after surgery and progression after 6 months.
In general, it is recommended that reoperation be performed after 6 months when the adhesion is softened with enough time, and the timing of reoperation is highly dependent on individual differences.


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