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Maximum Liposuction

Get The Best Effect With
Maximum Liposuction

The fat that spoils the line will be sucked out as much as possible and at the same leave only the essential fat to the minimum, thus creating a tight and pretty line. Equipped with various equipment such as Accusculpt, Body Tight, and Vaser to provide the best solution for each customer considering various characteristics such as fat density and skin sagging.
Maximum Liposuction Surgery Information
  • Operation Time

    1 Hour ~ 3 Hours
    (Differences Based
    On Parts)
  • Anesthetic

    IV Sedation or
  • Admission

    (Large Volume
    Liposuction 1 Day)
  • Blood
    Drainage Bag

  • Stitch

    1 Week
  • Daily Activities

    3~5 Days After Daily
    Activities Are Possible
  • Treatment

    After Surgery
    1 Week
NANA's Maximum Liposuction, Different Results.
  • 100% Handmade

    Whatever machine you used, the ultimate result of liposuction is made by the hands and sweat of a skilled medical personnel. Thousands of experience-based doctors will consider individual body types and to create the best results by sucking out the fat until the most ideal line is reached.

  • Suction As Much As Possible
    And Leave Only Minimal

    Except for essential subcutaneous fat layers, unnecessary fat tissue is fully operated and sucked out as much as possible to give to create an ideal body line.

  • After Surgery, Firmly Responsible
    For Diet Control

    As soon as the surgery is over, the dietary regimen begins to tighten. Start the dietary control through counseling with a professional counselor, and prescribe dietary medicine accordingto individual BMI to control appetite suppression.

Maximum Liposuction By Each Area
  • 01

    Abdominal Region

    Inhaling large amounts of fat requires a complex surgical procedure by analyzing the baseline and sag deflection. This is an area where fat is formed and accumulates over a long period of time and because it has characteristics that are not easily removed after the formation of fat, so it needs to be sucked out from each side together with the general part.

    <Intake Amount>

    About 1000~2500cc
    About 3~5kg weight loss effect
    About 5~10cm perimeter reduction
    (May vary depending on the person)

    ∨ For about 3 months, wear special pressure garments for correction
  • 02


    The area where cellulite formation is most common with the abdomen, requires Liposuction to maintain smooth lines. Knee, inner and outer thighs are the areas that determine the silhouette of the legs, so professional design is important to consider the proportions along with a smooth leg line.

    <Intake Amount>

    About 1,500~2,500cc (one side)

    ∨ About 1,000~2,500cc liposuction (one side)
    ∨ For about 2 months, wear special pressure garments for correction

  • 03

    Upper Arm

    Consider the natural curves of the arms and the deflection of the outside and inside of the arms in an area where women easily get fat, and maintain smooth lines in the arms to draw fat evenly.

    <Intake Amount>

    About 200~800cc (one side)

    ∨ About 500~1,000cc liposuction (one side)
    ∨ For about 2~3 months, wear special pressure garments for correction

NANA's Systematic Liposuction Systems
  • InBody Comprehensive Examination

    InBody measurements are used to collect accurate body data and to analyze body components to plan three-dimensional surgery
  • Ultrasound Examination

    By using high-resolution ultrasound, the thickness and distribution state of subcutaneous fat layer are precisely grasped and thoroughly plan individual surgery plan
  • Minimal Incision

    Surgery is done without worrying about the scar through the small incision of 2~3mm which is invisible to each site.
    Arms: armpits or elbow folds
    Abdomen: pubic hair area or belly button
    Thighs: pubic hair area or hip folds
  • Minimize Tissue Damage

    Minimizes blood vessels and nerve tissue damage, helping to recover quickly after surgery and minimizing bruises and pain
  • Meticulous Liposuction

    The surface area under the skin is carefully sucked to minimize post-operative skin irritation and there is almost no evenness on the skin
  • Personal Prescription Medication

    After surgery, nutritional counseling and custom diet medications will be prescribed specifically considering body shape and eating habits to create a beautiful body without sagging