We customize both the shape and function of the nose for each individual


Long Nose

Balancing Facial and Nasal Length for Harmonious Features!
Nana Plastic Surgery's Arrow Nose Reshaping corrects the appearance where the nasal tip protrudes downward,
covering the philtrum, or when the nasal tip protrudes like an arrowhead when smiling.

Accurate Analysis for the
Safest and Most Beautiful Nose

Nana Plastic Surgery's nasal reshaping considers the harmony of the entire face. The surgeon meticulously examines the lines of the nose and forehead, the distance between the eyebrows, the length of the nose, the angle of the lips, and the angle of the line from the lips to the chin. This detailed analysis ensures a more harmonious result with the overall facial structure.

Arrow Nose and Long Nose
Reshaping Considering
Facial Balance

When the nose appears longer or the nasal tip sags in proportion to the face, it can make the face look longer and age the individual. The lengthening of the nasal tip can be due to the excessive growth of the non-septal cartilage or the downward orientation of the wing cartilage. To correct this, the surgeon may need to excise the muscles that pull the nasal tip down when smiling. Additionally, rotating and fixing the downward wing cartilage upward can raise the nasal tip and correct its appearance.

Wing Cartilage
Reshaping Surgery
Rearranges and secures wing cartilage in
an upward direction to prevent recurrence.
Non-septal Cartilage
Reshaping Surgery
Partially excises the lower part of
non-septal cartilage or excises muscles
pulling the nasal tip downward.

Thorough Analysis for
Perfect Arrow Nose and
Long Nose Reshaping

Arrow Nose and Long Nose, when viewed from the side, have a smaller nasal angle compared to a regular nose, especially appearing longer when smiling. From the front, the nasal tip protrudes enough to cover the philtrum. To improve this, the surgeon shortens the nose length and lifts the sagging nasal tip.


Nana's Arrow Nose
and Long Nose
Reshaping Surgical

Pre-Surgery Analysis of Arrow Nose and Long Nose.
After excising the nasal tip cartilage, the remaining cartilage is pulled upward and sutured.
Through septal extension surgery, the nasal cartilage is moved upward and fixed. The nasal tip descent muscle is excised to prevent recurrence.
If necessary, reshape the nose bridge using implants or add autologous cartilage to lift the nasal tip.

Nana's 3 Principles
for Arrow Nose and
Long Nose Reshaping

01. Ideal Facial Proportions

The ideal nose is symmetrical, with a length representing one-third of the vertical
length of the face. It should harmonize with the overall size, height, and angles of the face.

Nana's 3 Principles
for Arrow Nose and
Long Nose Reshaping

02. Accurate Analysis and Design

Precise examination identifies individualized solutions for each patient's
unique concerns. Designing solutions tailored to the cause is crucial for improving
Arrow Nose and Long Nose.

Nana's 3 Principles
for Arrow Nose and
Long Nose Reshaping

03. 1:1 Individualized Customization

Given that the nose is the center of the face, surgery is based on individualized
reshaping principles to achieve harmony with the forehead,
eyebrows, eyes, chin, lips, and overall facial features.


Arrow Nose and
Long Nose
Surgery Info

  • Surgical
    1 hour
  • Anesthesia
    General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    Not required
  • Splint
    5-7 days after surgery
  • Return to
    daily life
    Possible after
    splint removal
  • Follow-up
    2 follow-up visits

Specialties of Nana's
Arrow Nose and Long Nose

With expertise gained from performing surgeries hundreds
of times, we strive to deliver results that are close to perfection, tailored to your unique facial characteristics and preferences.

Preservation of Nose Shape
and Function

Customized surgical plans consider the shape,
ratio, and function of each patient's nose.

Precise Measurement and
Diagnosis with 3D-CT

Pre-surgery analysis of facial proportions,
angles, and issues using 3D-CT.

Custom Design

In-depth analysis of symptoms, nasal tip,
nasal bridge height and length,
and angle for precise customization.

Medical Team Expertise
and Know-How

Years of experience and skill ensure
safe and accurate surgery.


NANA’s Rhinoplasty
is Different

Preoperative Analysis
Unlike traditional rhinoplasty, which only considers the external appearance, we use 3D-CT to assess nasal cartilage and tissues accurately for safe surgery.
Use of Implants
We don't limit ourselves to using only easily designed implants; instead, we select implants based on individual characteristics.
Functional Aspects
We don't just enhance the nose shape; unlike typical rhinoplasty, we can also address nasal congestion and rhinitis at the same time.
Instead of a standard nose shape, our approach considers the patient's facial structure and preferences, creating a unique nasal contour.

Provided by
Nana Plastic Surgery


How long will the post-surgery swelling last?

Post-surgery swelling varies individually. On average, after one week of surgery, splints, sutures, and tapes are removed.
Severe swelling or bruising usually subsides within 1-2 weeks, and residual swelling and
scars gradually improve over six months. However, individual experiences may differ.


Is there a correlation between nose surgery and rhinitis treatment?

If you have rhinitis, it's essential to consult with a specialist before surgery, as the cause can vary. Nose surgery may improve rhinitis in cases
where septal deviation causes nasal congestion or rhinitis. In such instances, reshaping surgery using the deviated septal cartilage
can have a positive impact. However, for other causes, addressing the underlying factors is necessary for rhinitis improvement.


Management System
from Pre-Surgery


Personalized Customized
Plastic Surgery
At Nana Plastic Surgery, we focus on personalized and customized procedures, considering the individual's nasal condition, shape, facial harmony, and preferences. Our aim is to minimize flaws and accentuate strengths, creating the ideal nose.


Operating Room Transparency
and Dedicated Responsibility
At Nana Plastic Surgery, we provide transparent information about your medical team.
From planning to post-operative care, each patient is assigned a dedicated team member for personalized 1:1 care.


Beautiful Noses
Nana Plastic Surgery relies on the expertise of highly skilled professionals to ensure that the central feature of the face, the nose, harmonizes with other facial aspects like the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, and lips.


Safe and Responsible
Post-Surgery Care
At Nana Plastic Surgery, safety comes first.
We have advanced safety measures, including secure anesthesia and emergency protocols.
Our dedicated post-operative care center ensures a quick recovery for satisfying results.
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