Nana’s care

It’s NANA’s care system that puts patient safety first


NANA Safety Surgery System

We've got over 50 nationally-certified checks in place for different conditions.


Transparent Surgery Rooms
At Nana Plastic Surgery, we're open
about who's treating you.
We've introduced real-name systems in
our surgery rooms so you can trust the accurate, honest info about our medical team.


Never-ending Research
Our medical team at Nana Plastic Surgery
is always pushing boundaries!
They're continuously diving into research
and academic activities, elevating the standard of plastic surgery both nationally and internationally.


Honest consultations
Our doctors will always recommend
just what you need.
No over-the-top treatments here!


Safety First
Your safety is our top priority.
Whether you're inside or outside our
operating rooms, we've got the best systems
in place at Nana Plastic Surgery.


Dedicated Responsibility
From surgery planning, comprehensive
check-ups, to post-surgery care,
your designated medical professional at
Nana Plastic Surgery is with you every step of
the way, promising stellar results.


Post-op Care Center
To ensure your swift recovery and satisfaction,
we operate a specialized care center
for post-operative management and support.

Safe Anesthesia System #01


At Nana Plastic Surgery, anesthesiology specialists
personally administer from general anesthesia needed for
whole-body surgeries to local anesthesia that numbs
only the surgical area.

Safe Anesthesia System #02

Optimized anesthesia

We have at our disposal 'Dantrolene', a treatment for
malignant hyperthermia, and 'Bridion' for safe recovery,
preventing possible side effects of general anesthesia
and offering an optimal surgical environment.

Safe Anesthesia System #03

Emergency Response

We are equipped to promptly address any potential emergency
situations with advanced anesthesia machines like Dräger (Germany),
defibrillators, and emergency response equipment, ensuring
readiness for all circumstances.

Safe Anesthesia System #04

Power System (UPS)

In the event of unpredictable situations like natural disasters,
we have installed an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system
to ensure a stable power source, facilitating a safe completion of surgeries.

Safe Anesthesia System #05

Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA)

To alleviate even the slightest post-surgery pain, we are
equipped with the latest PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia),
allowing you to control your pain levels yourself.

Safe Anesthesia System #06

One-Stop Pre-surgery Testing System

For safe surgery, our pre-surgery testing system facilitates
quick testing within the hospital, equipped with all necessary
devices, dedicated radiographers, and clinical pathologists,
allowing for a one-stop, speedy examination process.


Post-Op Care Program

Breast After care 1

Primary Doc's Progress Check > Heal light care > Capsulitis

After checking with your primary doctor, we use Heal light care and Capsulitis treatments to swiftly reduce bruises and swelling.

Breast After care 2

Heal light care > Radio frequency (RF) management

Improve skin tone and reduce swelling with Heal light care and Radio frequency (RF) management treatment, preventing sagging and reinforcing skin elasticity.

Breast After care 3

Heal light care > Radio frequency (RF) management

Further enhance reddened skin tone and alleviate bruising and swelling to boost elasticity with another round of Heal-light care and Radio frequency (RF) management treatments.

Breast After care 4

Heal light care > Moisture modeling pack/Scar Management > Primary Doc's Progress Check

Minimize swelling with Heal light care, and speed up recovery with the Moisture Modeling Pack and scar laser treatments.

※ Breast augmentation post-op care may vary depending
on the patient's progress and the type of implant.

Liposuction After care 1

Area-Specific Infrared Care

Boost blood circulation and reduce post-surgical waste with targeted infrared treatments.

Liposuction After care 2

Area-Specific Radio frequency (RF) treatment

Improve to a slimmer silhouette by minimizing adhesions and enhancing skin elasticity with targeted Radio frequency (RF) treatments.

Liposuction After care 3

Area-Specific Radio frequency (RF) treatment > Primary Doc's Progress Check

Elevate skin elasticity and lessen adhesions with more Radio frequency (RF) treatment in specific areas, followed by a progress check with the primary doctor.

Facial contouring After care 1

Exfoliation > Mask care/ Heal light care

Boost cellular regeneration and skin elasticity with exfoliation care and sheet masks for hydration. Improve skin tone with Heal light care.

Facial contouring After care 2

Radio frequency (RF) treatment > Mask Care / Heal light care > Primary Doc's Progress Check

Reduce bruising and swelling with Radio frequency (RF) treatment enhance skin elasticity with Heal light care, and then check in with the primary doctor.

Lifting After care 1

Heal light care

Improve your skin tone and reduce swelling with Heal light care, completing a beautiful contour without any sagging effects.

Lifting After care 2

Radio frequency (RF) treatment > Heal light care > Moisture modeling pack > Check the progress with the primary doctor

Reduce bruises and swelling with Radio frequency (RF) treatment, enhance skin elasticity with Heal light care, followed by a check-up with your primary doctor to monitor the progress.

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