Terms of Service

Chapter 1 General Rules
Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of this service agreement is to stipulate the basic matters such as rights, duties, and responsibilities between members and the hospital, and the terms and procedures for using the service (hereinafter referred to as the "service") provided by Nana Plastic Surgery Hospital (hereinafter referred to as the "hospital").

Article 2 (Effectiveness and Modification of the Agreement)
① This agreement comes into effect for all members who wish to use the service.
② The content of this agreement is posted on the service screen or notified to members through other methods, and comes into effect when a member who agrees to it joins the service.
③ The hospital may change this agreement if deemed necessary, and in the case of a change, it will be announced without delay in the same way as paragraph 2. However, important provisions related to the rights or duties of users will be announced at least 7 days in advance.
④ If the member does not agree with the changed agreement terms, they can stop using the service and terminate the service contract.

Article 3 (Guidelines Outside the Agreement)
For matters not specified in this agreement, the provisions of relevant laws and regulations such as the Medical Law apply.

Article 4 (Definition of Member)
A person who accesses the site and obtains the qualifications and rights of a member as a customer by entering essential information such as their name and email address.

Chapter 2 Service Use Contract
Article 5 (Conclusion of Use Contract)
When the customer clicks the "agree" button to the question "Do you agree with the above terms of use?" during the use application, it is considered to agree to the terms.

Article 6 (Use Application)
Application for use, that is, membership registration, is done by the customer recording the following details on the membership application form:

1. ID
2. Password
3. Name
4. Phone number
5. Email

Article 7 (Approval of Use Application)
The hospital approves the service use application for customers who have accurately filled out the items specified in Article 6.

Article 8 (Limitation on Approval for Use Application)
The hospital may not approve the application in any of the following cases:

[1] In case technical service provision is impossible
[2] In cases where the application is not real name or is using another person's identity or applying falsely when registering as a user
[3] In cases where the user registration details are omitted or mistakenly applied
[4] In cases where the application is made with the purpose of harming social order or public morals
[5] In cases where there is a history of losing membership due to the customer's fault
[6] If other requirements set by the hospital for the use application are not satisfied
[7] Member registration is put on hold in cases where there is no agreement to the terms of use and the privacy policy

Article 9 (Change of Contract Details)
If the details provided by the member during the use application change, they must be modified according to a separate use method set by the hospital and according to the prescribed format and method.

Chapter 3: Service Use
Article 10 (Purpose and Scope of Service Provision)
The purpose of the hospital offering this service is to operate it free of charge for the provision of medical service information offered by the hospital. Except for surgery reviews, all services can be accessed without membership registration. According to the Medical Law, surgery reviews are available after membership registration and login.

Article 11 (Commencement of Service Use)
① In the event that the service cannot be initiated due to business or technical difficulties at the hospital, it will be announced on the site or notified to the members.
② The hospital shall principally initiate the service from the time the member's application for use is approved.

Article 12 (Service Usage Hours)
① The service is principally available 24 hours a day, all year round. However, the service may temporarily cease due to business or technical reasons at the hospital, and can also be temporarily halted for periods determined by the hospital for operational purposes. In such cases, the hospital will announce it in advance or afterwards.
② The hospital can segregate the service into specific ranges and determine separate available hours for each range, in which case the details will be announced.

Article 13 (Removal of Posts or Content)
① The hospital may delete any content within the service (including transmissions between members) without prior notice if it deems that they fall under any of the following categories, and the hospital assumes no responsibility for this:

[1] If the content defames the hospital, other members, or a third party, or damages their reputation through slander or libel.
[2] If it constitutes the distribution of content, sentences, or figures that violate public order and morals.
[3] If the content is deemed to be associated with criminal activities.
[4] If the content infringes the copyright of the hospital or a third party, or violates other rights.
[5] If the content is irrelevant to the services provided by the hospital.
[6] If unnecessary or unauthorized advertisements or promotional materials are posted.
[7] If the content involves unauthorized use or impersonation of someone else's ID (social security number), name, etc., or unauthorized alteration or falsification of information entered by another person.
[8] If the same content is posted repeatedly, deviating from the purpose of the posting.
[9] If it is judged to violate other relevant laws and regulations or guidelines set by the hospital.

② The hospital can establish and enforce separate detailed guidelines for postings, and members must register or delete various posts (including transmissions between members) in accordance with those guidelines.

Chapter 4: Standards for Data Disclosure
Article 14 (Definition of Data Disclosure)
This service is provided free of charge for the public interest purpose mentioned in Article 10 of Chapter 3, and the hospital may disclose the following information:

① Information related to the techniques and pharmaceuticals used during surgery.
② Clinic reviews disclosed with the consent of patients at the clinic (accessible after login).

Article 15 (Method of Data Disclosure)
The disclosure methods for the data that can be disclosed as mentioned in Article 14 of Chapter 4 shall principally be based on the following methods:

① Posting using the homepage or other websites.
② Publishing by inserting in print media or promotional materials.
③ Displaying through video equipment within the hospital.
④ Other posting methods within the scope deemed by the hospital not to violate public morals.

Chapter 5: Compensation for Damages, etc.
Article 16 (Compensation for Damages)
① In the event that the hospital incurs damages due to a member violating the provisions of these terms and conditions, the member who violated the terms must compensate the hospital for all damages incurred.
② If the hospital receives various objections including claims for damage compensation or lawsuits from a third party other than the member concerned, due to the illegal activities or violation of these terms and conditions by the member in using the service, the member must indemnify the hospital at their own responsibility and expense. If the hospital is not indemnified, the member must compensate the hospital for all damages incurred as a result.

Article 17 (Disclaimer)
① The hospital is exempted from the responsibility of providing the service in the case of being unable to do so due to natural disasters or other force majeure events.
② The hospital is not responsible for service disruptions caused by the fault of the member.
③ The hospital is not responsible for any lost profits expected by the member through the use of the service, and is also not responsible for any damages arising from the data obtained through the service. The hospital is not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of the information, materials, and facts posted by the member on the site.
④ The hospital has no obligation to intervene in disputes occurring between members or between members and third parties through the service, and has no responsibility to compensate for damages arising from it.

Article 18 (Jurisdiction)
① In the event of a dispute arising between the hospital and the member regarding the use of the service, the hospital and the member shall negotiate in good faith to resolve the dispute.
② If the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations as per paragraph 1 of this article, both parties may bring a lawsuit to the court of jurisdiction under the civil procedure law.

Appendix (August 01, 2023)
(Effective Date) These terms and conditions will be implemented from August 01, 2023.