We customize both the shape and function of the nose for each individual


Deviated Nose Surgery

Improving nasal conditions and crafting a
beautiful contour simultaneously!
Nana Deviated Nose Surgery addresses both aesthetic
refinement and nasal congestion symptoms.

Tailored Harmony for
Each Individual

We consider the unique facial balance of each individual, creating a nasal contour that complements one's own features. Rather than pursuing a uniform standard of beauty, we respect and enhance the individuality of each person, achieving an ideal nasal bridge and tip angle that harmonizes naturally with their face.

Deviated Septum

Normal Nasal Passage

Key Points in Deviated Nose
Deviated Septum

When the septum deviates abnormally, it obstructs the airflow, leading to issues such as nasal congestion. This condition can cause pressure on one side of the nose, leading to conditions like rhinitis, sinusitis, and even sleep disorders like sleep apnea.

Narrow nasal valve causing
difficulty in breathing
Widened nasal valve
for easier breathing

Key Points in
Deviated Nose Surgery,
Valve Reconstruction Surgery

The nasal valve, located at the upper part of the nasal septum, plays a crucial role in regulating airflow. A narrow nasal valve can cause difficulty in breathing and a feeling of stuffiness. In such cases, we perform valve reconstruction surgery using harvested septal cartilage, widening the nasal valve to facilitate easier breathing.


Nana’s Deviated Nose Surgery Features

Achieving both beauty and improved internal function, this surgery enhances airflow
within the nose, providing comfortable breathing.

Reinforcement of
Deviated Septum and
Internal Structures
Corrects and strengthens the deviated and
weakened septum simultaneously.
Prevention of Side
Effects by
Improving the
Deviated Septum
Improves the weakened septum, preventing potential side effects like settling of the nasal bridge or tip when inserting nasal implants in the future.
Complete Reconstruction
of a Weak Septum
Addresses severe nasal congestion due to a weak and deviated septum by raising the nasal valve area to resolve nasal congestion.
Reduced Risk of
Nasal Bridge Deviation
With proper internal correction and reinforcement, the likelihood of the nasal bridge deviating in the future decreases, achieving an ideal nasal contour.
Valve Surgery
Harvests septal cartilage and inserts it on both sides to widen the angle, creating a more open nasal valve for improved breathing.

Reasons to Choose
Deviated Nose Surgery


Harvesting cartilage from the same surgical site reduces
the overall surgical scope.

Reasons to Choose
Deviated Nose Surgery


Harvesting cartilage from the same surgical site reduces
the overall surgical scope.

Reasons to Choose
Deviated Nose Surgery


Shortens surgery time and recovery duration.

Reasons to Choose
Deviated Nose Surgery


Conducting two separate surgeries would require packing the nose
twice for hemostasis and shaping. However, combining surgeries allows
for a single packing procedure.

Reasons to Choose
Deviated Nose Surgery


Possible to undergo surgery at a lower cost with coverage from
health insurance.


Precision Diagnosis
by ENT Specialist

A well-balanced and harmonious nasal contour requires the expertise of specialists in both otolaryngology and plastic surgery
Simple rhinoplasty may not effectively address the underlying causes of nasal congestion.
Additionally, expecting the ideal shape for the nose can be challenging, and there is a higher likelihood of recurring nasal congestion.

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Nana Plastic Surgery features
a collaboration between
specialists in otolaryngology
and plastic surgery

Otolaryngology specialists and plastic surgeons work together
to simultaneously address medical conditions related
to the nose and perform cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures.


Deviated Nose
Surgery Info

  • Surgical
    1 hour
  • Anesthesia
    General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    Not required
  • Implant
    5-7 days after surgery
  • Return to
    daily life
    Possible after
    suture removal
  • Follow-up
    2 follow-up visits

Comprehensive Preoperative
Examination at Nana

Accurate identification of the cause of nasal congestion is essential for surgery planning. At Nana Plastic Surgery, a specialized otolaryngologist conducts a thorough examination equivalent to that of a university hospital.

Endoscopic Examination
Beyond Visible Areas

Using endoscopy to precisely assess the internal
nasal structure, facilitating detailed surgical planning.

3D-CT Imaging Beyond
Visible Features

Utilizing 3D-CT scans to examine the
cartilage and tissue condition of the nose.

MAST Allergy
Blood Test

Conducting a comprehensive allergy
antigen test before surgery to
identify potential allergens.

Provided by
Nana Plastic Surgery


After resolving a deviated septum, performing nasal
correction surgery (bridge and tip) is essential to prevent the
recurrence of nasal congestion and deformation of the nose.

Inserting shaping materials (e.g., implants) into the bridge and tip of the nose without correcting a deviated septum can lead to complications.
The shaping material may shift in the direction of the deviated septum, causing the bridge of the nose to warp and exacerbating nasal congestion.
For a satisfying nasal contour and improved nasal congestion after surgery, it is crucial to address both deviated septum correction
and nasal correction simultaneously. Neglecting deviated septum correction during nasal correction surgery may result in ongoing pressure
from the implant on the deviated septum, worsening nasal congestion in the direction of the deviation.


Recommended for
Individuals Seeking
Deviated Nose Surgery


Sleep disorders
(sleep apnea)


Migraines, throat pain


Chronic rhinitis,
nasal congestion


Rhinitis, sinusitis


Mouth breathing
(dry mouth)


Decreased concentration,
loss of motivation


Management System
from Pre-Surgery


Personalized Customized
Plastic Surgery
At Nana Plastic Surgery, we focus on personalized and customized procedures, considering the individual's nasal condition, shape, facial harmony, and preferences. Our aim is to minimize flaws and accentuate strengths, creating the ideal nose.


Operating Room Transparency
and Dedicated Responsibility
At Nana Plastic Surgery, we provide transparent information about your medical team.
From planning to post-operative care, each patient is assigned a dedicated team member for personalized 1:1 care.


Beautiful Noses
Nana Plastic Surgery relies on the expertise of highly skilled professionals to ensure that the central feature of the face, the nose, harmonizes with other facial aspects like the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, and lips.


Safe and Responsible
Post-Surgery Care
At Nana Plastic Surgery, safety comes first.
We have advanced safety measures, including secure anesthesia and emergency protocols.
Our dedicated post-operative care center ensures a quick recovery for satisfying results.
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