We customize both the shape and function of the nose for each individual


3D-CT Rhinoplasty

Creating the Perfect Nose Line that Suits You!
Nana’s 3D-CT Rhinoplasty tailors a beautiful nose line to fit your facial proportions.

The Safest and Most Beautiful Nose through Precise Analysis

While it may appear simple on the outside, the inside of the nose has a complex structure. Nana Plastic Surgery utilizes 3D-CT imaging to perform a comprehensive examination of the entire face and nose, ensuring an accurate diagnosis of aesthetic factors.

Perfect 3D-CT Rhinoplasty through Comprehensive Analysis

Nana Plastic Surgery's 3D-CT rhinoplasty allows for a three-dimensional analysis of the overall condition of the nasal bones, septal cartilage, and skin tissue. This analysis covers aspects such as size, shape, and symmetry that cannot be ascertained through conventional consultations. Moreover, for revision surgeries, it's possible to assess the form and any issues related to fillers such as silicone. Functional aspects, like nasal septal deviation, can also be examined, ensuring the creation of an accurate and safe surgical plan.

Assessing the extent of nasal deviation, checking for septal deviation


analyzing the size and shape of the nasal bones

Key Features of
NANA's 3D-CT Rhinoplasty


We conduct a precise analysis that goes beyond what can be seen through a routine examination.

Key Features of
NANA's 3D-CT Rhinoplasty


Based on this analysis, we determine the presence, extent, and location of any deviations in the nasal bones.

Key Features of
NANA's 3D-CT Rhinoplasty


We assess the feasibility and size of the septal cartilage that will be used as a graft, helping us determine the appropriate graft material before surgery.

Key Features of
NANA's 3D-CT Rhinoplasty


Our approach not only addresses aesthetic concerns
but also functional issues like nasal congestion and septal deviations.

Key Features of
NANA's 3D-CT Rhinoplasty


This comprehensive assessment and surgical approach lead to highly satisfying results.


NANA's 3 Principles
for 3D-CT Rhinoplasty

We tailor our surgeries to achieve the ideal facial proportions, ensuring harmony with the rest of the face.


Ideal Facial Proportions
An ideal nose is symmetrical, with a length that accounts for one-third of the face's vertical length. It should harmonize with the overall size, height, and other facial features.


Precise Analysis and Design
We go beyond simply raising the bridge of the nose and consider factors like the shape and proportions of the nasal bridge and tip, custom-designing a beautiful nose that suits each individual.


1:1 Customization
The nose is central to the face, so we follow a principle of individualized rhinoplasty to ensure it harmonizes with other facial features, including the forehead, cheeks, eyes, jaw, and lips.


3D-CT Rhinoplasty

  • Surgical
    1 hour
  • Anesthesia
    General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    Not required
  • Implant
    5-7 days after surgery
  • Return to
    daily life
    Possible after
    suture removal
  • Follow-up
    2 follow-up visits

The uniqueness of
Nana's 3D-CT Rhinoplasty

With the expertise gained from performing surgery hundreds of times, we aim to create results that are close to perfection.

Personalized Surgery for
Each Individual Based on
Shape and Constitution

Choosing the right implant for each individual

Consideration of
Both Aesthetic and
Functional Aspects

Diagnosis of symptoms like nasal congestion and
septal deviation through 3D-CT for a holistic approach

High Satisfaction through
Precision Analysis

Performing surgery that addresses both aesthetic
and functional aspects of the nose


NANA’s Rhinoplasty
is Different

Preoperative Analysis
Unlike traditional rhinoplasty, which only considers the external appearance, we use 3D-CT to assess nasal cartilage and tissues accurately for safe surgery.
Use of Implants
We don't limit ourselves to using only easily designed implants; instead, we select implants based on individual characteristics.
Functional Aspects
We don't just enhance the nose shape; unlike typical rhinoplasty, we can also address nasal congestion and rhinitis at the same time.
Instead of a standard nose shape, our approach considers the patient's facial structure and preferences, creating a unique nasal contour.

Provided by
Nana Plastic Surgery


How long does the swelling last
after nose surgery?

Swelling after nose surgery can vary from person to person. On average, the cast, splint, and tape are removed one week after surgery.
Severe swelling and bruising typically subside within 1-2 weeks, and after about a month, you will notice a relatively
natural look. Residual swelling and scars may continue to improve over the course of up to 6 months. However, individual experiences may vary.


Is there a correlation between nose surgery and the treatment of rhinitis?

If you have rhinitis, it is essential to determine the cause through consultation with the appropriate specialist before undergoing nose surgery.
Improvement in rhinitis after rhinoplasty may occur in cases of nasal obstruction due to nasal septum deviation or hypertrophy. In such cases,
reshaping the deviated septal cartilage during rhinoplasty can lead to relief of nasal obstruction.
However, if there are other underlying causes, addressing those factors is necessary for rhinitis improvement.


NANA's Rhinoplasty
is necessary in the
following cases

We design a natural and beautiful nose that suits your
individual preferences and complements your unique facial features.


Flat Nose


Deviated Nose


Hump Nose


Bulbous Nose


Short Nose


Wide Nose


Wide Nose


Arrowhead Nose


Management System
from Pre-Surgery


Personalized Customized
Plastic Surgery
At Nana Plastic Surgery, we focus on personalized and customized procedures, considering the individual's nasal condition, shape, facial harmony, and preferences. Our aim is to minimize flaws and accentuate strengths, creating the ideal nose.


Operating Room Transparency
and Dedicated Responsibility
At Nana Plastic Surgery, we provide transparent information about your medical team.
From planning to post-operative care, each patient is assigned a dedicated team member for personalized 1:1 care.


Beautiful Noses
Nana Plastic Surgery relies on the expertise of highly skilled professionals to ensure that the central feature of the face, the nose, harmonizes with other facial aspects like the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, and lips.


Safe and Responsible
Post-Surgery Care
At Nana Plastic Surgery, safety comes first.
We have advanced safety measures, including secure anesthesia and emergency protocols.
Our dedicated post-operative care center ensures a quick recovery for satisfying results.
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