We customize both the shape and function of the nose for each individual


Bulbous / Hump Nose

Creating a smooth and refined nasal bridge line!
A surgery to correct a prominent middle section of the nasal bridge, enhancing a sharp and stylish nose shape.

Transforming a Sharp and Strong Impression into a Gentle One

A prominent hump on the middle section of the nose bridge, often called a "maeburi" nose, can create a stubborn and strong impression.
The hump nose correction at Nana Plastic Surgery involves individualized septoplasty to remove the protruding part of the nose bridge and refine the nasal tip's contour for a sophisticated nose appearance.

Smoothing Out
the Bumpy Nasal Bridge

Hump nose correction is a procedure that smoothens the mid-section of the nasal bridge, which is often convex, to create a smoother appearance. This procedure can transform a sharp and strong image into a gentle and feminine one. If the condition is not severe, it can often be corrected by slightly trimming the protruding area.

Pre-Surgery Check with 3D-CT

Advanced equipment is used to perform pre-surgery assessments.
This technology allows for the precise examination of hump, cartilage location, shape, size, and the degree of nasal deviation, which may not be easily discernible to the naked eye. This information is critical for performing a precise and safe surgery while considering the ideal facial proportions.


Nana's Hump Nose
Surgery Procedure

01. Pre-Surgery
After performing a 3D-CT scan, extensive consultations with the specialist take place to discuss the surgical methods and plans.
02. Hump Removal
Depending on the degree of protrusion of the hump, it can be trimmed or corrected by septoplasty, where the nasal bridge bone is adjusted.
03. Height Adjustment
In cases where the nasal bridge is too low, a filler material is used to elevate it, and if necessary, autologous cartilage can be employed to lift the nasal tip.
04. Achieving a Smooth Line
The procedure transforms a sharp and strong impression into an elegant and refined nose shape.

Methods for Correcting
Hump Nose Based on
Different Types

01. High Nasal Bridge and High Nasal Tip

For individuals with both a high nasal bridge and a high nasal tip with hump, an incision is made inside the nose to remove the hump.

Methods for Correcting
Hump Nose Based on
Different Types

02. Low Nasal Bridge and High Nasal Tip

In cases where the nasal bridge is low, and the nasal tip is high with hump, an internal incision is made to remove the hump, and a filler material is used to achieve a smooth and elevated nasal bridge.

Methods for Correcting
Hump Nose Based on
Different Types

03. High Nasal Bridge and Low Nasal Tip

When the nasal bridge is high, and the nasal tip is low, an internal incision is made to remove the hump, and autologous cartilage is employed to elevate the nasal tip for an elegant nose shape.

Methods for Correcting
Hump Nose Based on
Different Types

04. Low Nasal Bridge and Low Nasal Tip

In instances where both the nasal bridge and nasal tip are low, the hump is removed, and autologous cartilage is used to lift the nasal tip. A filler material can be added to the nasal bridge to create a smooth and refined nose.


Hump Nose Surgery

  • Surgical
    1 hour
  • Anesthesia
    General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    Not required
  • Implant
    5-7 days after surgery
  • Return to
    daily life
    Possible after
    suture removal
  • Follow-up
    2 follow-up visits

Special Features of Nana's
Hump Nose Surgery

Nana Plastic Surgery is committed to creating the most suitable and personalized nose for each individual's unique facial features.

Improvement of Facial Impression
through Nasal Hump Removal

Enhances a sharp and strong image to a milder one.

Customizing the Surgery According
to the Degree of Nasal Hump

Reduces concerns about scarring with fine
incisions around the nostrils.

Precise 3D-CT Imaging
to Unseen Areas

Utilizes 3D-CT to examine the cartilage and
tissue condition of the nose thoroughly.

Satisfactory Results with
1:1 Customized Surgery

Establishes a surgical method and plan tailored to each individual,
considering the overall harmony of the face.


NANA’s Rhinoplasty
is Different

Preoperative Analysis
Unlike traditional rhinoplasty, which only considers the external appearance, we use 3D-CT to assess nasal cartilage and tissues accurately for safe surgery.
Use of Implants
We don't limit ourselves to using only easily designed implants; instead, we select implants based on individual characteristics.
Functional Aspects
We don't just enhance the nose shape; unlike typical rhinoplasty, we can also address nasal congestion and rhinitis at the same time.
Instead of a standard nose shape, our approach considers the patient's facial structure and preferences, creating a unique nasal contour.

Provided by
Nana Plastic Surgery


Is it okay to just lift the nasal tip according to the height of the Hump?

Lifting only the nasal tip to match the high hump line can make the nose tip appear unnaturally high
and out of proportion with the rest of the Asian facial structure. It is advisable to trim the hump slightly
and then correct the nose shape using implants or autologous tissue.


Is bone cutting necessary for
all hump nose surgeries?

Bone cutting is not necessary for all hump nose surgeries.
Overly aggressive bone cutting can lead to structural deformities and increased risk of inflammation.
In cases where the hump is not prominent and the nasal tip is primarily affected by hump, a gentle reduction of
the hump with slight trimming is sufficient.


Key Points of
Hump Nose
Reshaping at Nana

Nana approach aims to create the most suitable and harmonious nose for each individual's unique facial characteristics and preferences.


Pursuit of
Natural Beauty


Consideration of
Nasal Dynamics




Postoperative Care


Management System
from Pre-Surgery


Personalized Customized
Plastic Surgery
At Nana Plastic Surgery, we focus on personalized and customized procedures, considering the individual's nasal condition, shape, facial harmony, and preferences. Our aim is to minimize flaws and accentuate strengths, creating the ideal nose.


Operating Room Transparency
and Dedicated Responsibility
At Nana Plastic Surgery, we provide transparent information about your medical team.
From planning to post-operative care, each patient is assigned a dedicated team member for personalized 1:1 care.


Beautiful Noses
Nana Plastic Surgery relies on the expertise of highly skilled professionals to ensure that the central feature of the face, the nose, harmonizes with other facial aspects like the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, and lips.


Safe and Responsible
Post-Surgery Care
At Nana Plastic Surgery, safety comes first.
We have advanced safety measures, including secure anesthesia and emergency protocols.
Our dedicated post-operative care center ensures a quick recovery for satisfying results.
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