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dear sir/ madam,
im 29 MtF, having HRT in HongKong.
i want facial feminization surgery and more (probably eyelid surgery etc.) in NANA.

- may i have cantonese interpreter when i meet the doctor?
if inconvenient, also okay in chinese.

- how much is the cost for the whole package?
(i have to know how much money i need to save. just approximate as reference.)

- when is the foreseeable date i can move to korea from hongkong according to COVID-19 policy?
btw, do i need to have vaccine?
can i be the exceptional case to not have vaccine when a human having HRT having a higher risk of thrombus?

- what is the whole process (step by step and dates)when i finally have these services in nana?

sorry for too many questions.
thank you very much. 감사드립니다!