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Pore/Scar Program

A better, different way to treat your pores and acne scars

At our Dermotology Center, we treat large pores and acne scars with eight different fractional lasers. First generation lasers were only able to treat one type of acne scar at a time. In order to stimulate and regenerate the skin in a way that won't cause negative side effects, we use several types of different lasers to treat the imperfections.
As for the treatment of ongoing acne, an integration of different laser treatments is used depending on the skin type and the progression of acne, and pigmentation scarring.
Treatment methods for large pores and scars
at NANA Plastic Surgery

As we age, pores also age. And as a result, collagen, elastin, and other skin tissues decrease in numbers and testestrone makes our pores even larger.
Large pores and scarring is usually caused by acne and trauma. The methods used to treat these types of imperfections are mostly alike.

  • 01

    Deep Rolling Scars

    Round pits must be filled to be treated. At NANA Dermotology Center, we use a combination of subcision,
    fractional lasers and fillers such as
    Restylane to fill up the pits.
  • 02

    Shallow Rolling Scars

    We treat shallow rolling scars by
    using subcision and fractional lasers
    which is similar to treating deep rolling scars.
  • 03

    Boxcar Scars

    Best way to treat boxcar scars
    is using fractional lasers to fill up the skin depressions.
    At NANA Dermatology Center, we use a combination of
    Affirm laser, Mosic HP laser, MatriXel laser, etc.
    to treat these types of boxcar scars.
  • 04

    Raised Papule

    Erbium YAG laser is effectively used
    to treat raised papules.
  • 05

    Deep Pit Scars

    For pitted scars, a combination of fractional laser
    and cross peeling is used. For older, deeper scars,
    multiple sessions are necessary.
    A way to treat these types of scars effectively
    is to use multiple methods rather than using just one.
  • 06

    Shallow Pit Scars

    For shallow pits, Affirm laser, MosaicHP laser, MatriXell, and
    fractional lasers with cross peeling treatments are effective.
  • 07

    Enlarged Pores

    Enlarged pores and sweat glands are not easily treatable.
    It's hard to see good results with generalized
    treatment methods. We use fractional laser with
    crystal peeling and laser toning to treat large pores.
NANA's original pore and acne scare treatments
  • Sellas Laser

    Sellas creates more than 1,000 fine microhole areas in a
    single irradiation using PPA technology
    to regenerate skin through collagen activation.
  • Soft Peel

    By integrating RF treatments and substantial treatments,
    dead skin is removed to stimulate regeneration.
  • Derma Stamp MGF

    A combination of Derma Stamp with BENEV MGF complex growth factor chemicals, this treatment is effective for
    treating hair loss and skin problems. Derma Stamp is a
    device that is used to assist skin absorption of medicine and skincare products by making microholes within the skin.
  • Aqua Peel

    Three special solutions are used to open the pores
    to soften the dirt and debris inside for easier removal.
    It's effective in removing dead skin, oil and sebum within the pores.
  • PRP

    Skin is injected with centrifugated growth factor found in our blood cells
    which has strong regenerative tendencies.
  • Subcision

    By cutting the fibrous skin tissue caused by acne scarring,
    depressed skin is elevated.
  • Cure Skin

    Consisting of 20 million fibroblast, it is usually injected into
    the dermis for pitted scars and wrinkles.
  • CO2

    CO2 is often used for various types of skin problems
    because of its ability to treat with high accuracy.