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Whitening Program

What is Laser Toning?

Q-SWITCHED ND:YAG Laser's output is upgraded for laser toning. The laser reaches the skin deep inside in a shorter period to achieve results without damaging the surface and dermis skin layer and it destroys the melanin pigmentation in deep dermis layer for clear and brighter skin.

It effectively treats dermatological pigment diseases such as blemishes, freckles, blemishes and otamoban. Also, it destroys melanin in the dermis and at the same time whitens the skin.
  • 01

    Removes various spots

  • 02

    Improves pigmentation with various causes

  • 03

    Shrinks pore size

  • 04

    Improves wrinkles and elasticity

NANA PLASTIC SURGERY Laser Toning Advantages
  • 01

    Improves various pigmented lesions
    such as blemishes, freckles, blotch, otamoban, etc.

  • 02

    Reduces wide pores and fine lines
    with dermal collagen remodeling

  • 03

    NO side effects such as pigmentation

  • 04

    NO pain, bleeding, scab or infection

  • 05

    Safe procedures that allows you to continue your daily activities

  • 06

    Treatment time is 5 ~ 10 minutes

What is CELLEC IPL(Cell Toning)?

Select IPL is the latest IPL model that has been upgraded from the existing IPL. It features 8 wavelengths of light evenly distributed to the skin like a shower stream to enhance the treatment effect.
It removes epidermal and dermal pigments at the same time without the risk of pigmentation, and is effective for hot flashes, acne and capillary dilemma, as well as spots, blemishes and pores.
  • 01

    Blocks ultraviolet rays and infrared rays
    by attaching dual filter system

  • 02

    Less skin damage,
    less side effects and higher efficacy

  • 03

    Multiple effects at the same time
    with various wavelengths in one treatment

  • 04

    Does not affect your daily routine
    so you can return to work immediately

  • 05

    Clinically proven as
    safe procedure with less pain

NANA PLASTIC SURGERY When to consider Cell Toning
  • When your skin lacks elasticity and have dull skin tone
  • When you experience hot flashes often
  • When you have pigment problems (e.g. blemishes)
  • When you have acne skin
  • When you have wide pores
NANA PLASTIC SURGERY Differences between conventional IPL and Cell Toning
Differences between conventional IPL and Cell Toning
Conventional IPL VS Cell Toning
NONE Toning Mode Cell toning, dividing one shot into micro-short pulses
to remove blemishes or light pigments
more safely and effectively
NONE Photo Shower Expect brightening and whitening effects
for beauty purposes with realistic photo showers
that examine short interval shots
Wide compound wavelength
(560nm Single Cut-Off Filter)
Photo Shower 8 professional filters including cut-off filters
One type of complex wavelength
for all types of lesions
Photo Shower 8 types of filters enable
specialized treatments for each skin type
Pigment Removal Change Removes pigments as well as
acne, blood vessels (flushing), blemishes, etc.
None or Weak Cooling Safe and consistent effect
due to skin contact temperature sensor (patented)
It's not the same shrink lifting. The results will vary depending on which specialist performs the same equipment.
  • Individually optimized solution

    We provide customized solutions through accurate
    analysis and diagnosis of individual skin differences.
  • Comprehensive management

    We provide provides maximum whitening effect considering
    overall skin tone care, skin radiance, elasticity and pore.
  • Maintaining whitening through ongoing management

    The skin continues to age and pigments are generated
    by external factors. The whitening program is optimized
    based on your life cycle to create baby face.