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Facial Contouring Injection

Revealing slim facial contour line without bone surgeries
& giving you firm skin with improved elasticity

Nana's Facial Slimming Injection helps achieve a slim face line
Let's go on a face diet by taking away the swelling! NANA's Facial Slimming Injection even improves skin health by promoting blood circulation and taking care of waste products Deswelling + Quick results + Discharge of waste products + Healthy skin
NANA PLASTIC SURGERY Facial Contouring Injection is Different
  • 01
    Accurate Diagnosis

    NANA makes no mistake.
    Before the procedure, each
    person's skin condition
    (amount of fat, muscles etc.)
    is accurately diagnosed.

  • 02
    Clear-cut Effects

    This is not a simple injection.
    It is adjusted depending on the
    person's needs to create the best possible effects.

  • 03
    Reasonable Pricing

    We strive to give the best results
    according to your needs.

  • 04
    Specialist Procedure

    Facial Slimming Injections are
    simple but the procedure is not.
    That's why only specialized
    medical staff with considerable
    clinical experience will perform the procedure.

NANA PLASTIC SURGERY Effect of Facial Contouring Injection
Facial Contouring Surgery vs. Facial Slimming Injection
Comparing facial contouring surgery with facial Slimming injection
Facial Contouring / Double Jaw Type Facial Slimming Injection
About 3~4 months Recovery Period NONE
Local or General Anaethesia Anaethesia Anaethesia Cream
Osteotomy: Bone cutting Method Simple Injection
Possibility of slight scars Scars NONE
Can be confirmed visually Change Can be confirmed visually
Post-operative swelling & bruises:
unable to determine the result right after surgery
Privacy Beauty surgery that is not so obvious
Facial Contouring Injection Procedure Information
  • Duration

    Within 10 minutes
  • Anesthetic

    Cream (Applied)
  • Admission

  • Effect Shown

    After 1 week
  • Maintenance

    4 to 6 months
  • Recovery

  • Treatment