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개인정보 수집 및 이용에 대한 안내

나나 성형외과에서는 고객상담 서비스 제공을 위하여 귀하의 개인정보를 아래와 같이 수집하고자 합니다.

수집하는 개인정보 항목
이름, 연락처
수집 및 이용목적
나나성형외과에서 진행하는 수술 및 진료에 관한 전화상담
보유 및 이용기간
전화상담 목적의 종결시까지

Gynecomastia Surgery

What is
Gynecomastia Surgery

Men's confidence comes from the chest
It refers to the symptoms that develop in the breast of a woman, such as the growth of mammary gland tissue and the accumulation of fat that develops as a woman's breast. If chest develops even after become an adult, surgical treatment is needed depending on the type. In Nana Plastic Surgery, gynecomastia can be improved with a wide, solid breast like a man by improving the operation with the surgery of the extravasation combined with liposuction and radical resection.
Why NANA's Gynecomastia Surgery ?
  • 01

    If the chest develops
    like a woman

  • 02

    The circumference of the wheel
    is projected as a whole

  • 03

    When hard wired tissue is
    touched around the nipple

  • 04

    When only one
    breast develops

  • 05

    If the chest part does not fall
    even with weight loss

NANA's Gynecomastia Surgery Information
  • Operation

    40-50 Minutes
  • Anesthetic

  • Admission

    1 Day
  • Stitch

    7 Days After
  • Daily Activities

    1~2 Days After
    Daily Activities
    Are Possible
  • Treatment

    1 Time
    (Stitch Removal)
Special Features NANA's Gynecomastia Surgery
  • Scar NO !

    Minimizing scarring by applying zigzag incisions in the underarms or underneath the anvil.
  • Damage NO !

    Using an endoscope, removal of the mammary tissue results in less damage to the surrounding tissues and dramatically reduces pain and bruising, resulting in faster recovery than normal back-up operations.
  • 1:1 Personalized Surgery

    After accurately diagnosing Gynecomastia type, we will try our best to achieve the most satisfactory results with a personalized Gynecomastia operation.
  • Plastic Surgeons

    Get satisfactory results with special operation method of specialist plastic surgeon who has accumulated for many years.