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Tight Neck Lifting

Perfect for hidden wrinkles

Perfect for the neck wrinkles that are visible due to
aging ~Starting from the aging wrinkles on the neck!
As the word "wrinkles" is a sign of age, it is the part that is easily seen on the face. As aging progresses, fat accumulates in the neck and the skin and muscles stretch, resulting in double jaw and vertical wrinkles. Neck wrinkles cause an older appearance than actual age, and give a dull and heavy impression. NANA's Tight Neck Lifting removes the deep fat from the platysma muscle, the muscle under the skin of the neck, and collecting and reconstructing stretched muscles to create a sustained and reliable lifting effect.
Tight Neck Lifting Surgery Information
  • Operation

    1 Hour
  • Anesthetic

    Local or
    General Anesthesia
  • Admission

  • Blood
    Drainage Bag

  • Stitch

    7 Days After
  • Daily Activities

    1 ~ 2 Days After
  • Treatment

    1 Time
NANA's Tight Neck Lifting Features
  • 01

    Appropriate resolution of
    double jaw and neck wrinkles !

  • 02

    Quick recovery and
    inconspicuous scars

  • 03

    Concurrent resolution of
    shallow and deep fat layers

  • 04

    Recovery of neck line and
    jawline by tightening of loosened muscles

Who needs NANA's Tight Neck Lifting
  • No border between the neck and jaw
  • Deep vertical wrinkles on neck
  • Sagging jaw or a double jaw due to aging
  • Have worse neck wrinkles compare to others
  • Simple procedure does not resolve the neck wrinkles
Special Features of NANA's Tight Neck Lifting
  • 1:1 Personalized

    Depending on the thickness of the skin and the subcutaneous fat, the degree of sagging of the skin and SMAS varies for each individual. Dr. Kim Hyeong Jun's will create the perfect result considering individual different face type and skincharacteristics.
  • Dr. Kim Hyeong Jun's Unique Lifting Experience

    With over a hundred lifting operations and procedures for over 10 years, lifting Know-How has helped us to create lifting results that are close to perfection.
  • Definite Diagnosis And Detailed Design

    Considering dozens of variables such as the degree of sagging of the skin and the mass layer, the amount of subcutaneous fat and deep fat, and the degree of sagging, a detailed diagnosis is made for the correct operation method for each individual to create a more positive effect.
  • V-line Without Bone Surgery

    Not have to be only through bone surgery to create V-Line face. Effective surgery for sagging creates a beautiful and effective V-line.