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165-8 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, HM Building 3rd~6th Floor

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Consultation & Reservation




165-8 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, HM Building 3rd~6th Floor

Directions by Naver Hours and Hospital Information


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Deep Cheek Lifting

NANA's Deep Cheek Lifting

Removing stubborn cheek fat, and without anyone's knowledge, creating V-Line !!
Cheek Fat is the root cause of sagging face and is an unnecessary amount of fat. Deep Cheek is a fat mass in the lower part of the bridge in cheek and the exact name is called Buccal Fat Pad. Overdeveloped Deep Cheek gives the impression of holding candy in both cheeks, creating a dull and depressed look. As the skin becomes thinner, Deep Cheek Fat becomes visible and Deep Cheek sagged from time to time, thickening the jawline and causing cheek to sag. NANA Plastic Surgery removes the proper amount of Deep Cheek that causes cheek sagging along the face of each individual person, creating a more definite V-line by utilizing the line of the face.
Deep Cheek Lifting Surgery Information
  • Operation

    20 Minutes
  • Anesthetic

  • Admission

  • Blood
    Drainage Bag

  • Stitch

  • Daily Activities

    Possible Immediately
    After Surgery
  • Treatment

NANA's Deep Cheek Lifting Effects
  • 01

    Through a mouth incision about 1 cm, the fat mass can be removed without scarring

  • 02

    Removes fat from the deep part of the cheek to create a long face line

  • 03

    With a short operating time (20 minutes), daily activities are possible immediately after surgery

  • 04

    Facial liposuction or lifting procedures are more effective

Who needs NANA's Deep Cheek Lifting ?
  • A lot of facial cheek fat
  • Those who have a face that seems to be biting candy
       from a child
  • Deep Cheek Fat stands out after facial liposuction
  • In case of an older appearance due to Deep Cheek
       fat is sagging
Information About Deep Cheek Fat Removal
Deep Cheek Fat Removal !
Why? When? What are the effects?
  • Things to know about Deep Cheek Fat

    Deep cheek fat is a necessary tissue to maintain the volume of the cheeks and should be carefully removed to obtain good results without side effects.
  • Facial contour surgery should be performed at the same time

    Because only removing the fat from the deep cheek can make the cheeks worse, so it should be done together with facial contour surgery to prevent cheeks from bulging and sagging.
  • Anticipate the progression with the results in 10 to 20 years.

    The speed and process of aging will be different for every person. After predicting the status of each person's current face and the direction of future aging, we need to decide whether or not to remove the deep cheek fat.
  • Be safe without damage to the salivary glands, nerves, or blood vessels

    Deep cheek fat removal is a simple procedure, but because of the complicated distribution of the salivary glands, nerves, and pouches around it, it should be based on accurate anatomical knowledge and sufficient surgical experience.
  • Deep cheek fat removal should be done when absolutely necessary

    Deep cheek fat should be removed only if absolutely necessary, and should not be done as a substitute for facial contour surgery or without facial contour surgery.
  • Effective facial contour surgery should be performed

    Quick cheek surgery or general cheek surgery that does not effectively reduce front cheek and removal of deep cheek fat can not prevent bulging or cheek bulging, but rather the flexion of the cheek and cheek become worse.
Special Features of NANA's Deep Cheek Lifting
  • 1:1 Personalized

    NANA Plastic Surgery works by considering different facial features for each individual
  • Delicate Design

    Depending on the degree of sagging before the procedure,
    a more detailed effect is created through delicate design
  • Satisfaction UP!

    By pulling from deep inside the skin to experience dramatic lifting effects after treatment
  • Bone Surgery NO!

    Create effective V-line without bone surgery
  • Recovery Period DOWN !

    With little swelling, bruising, and scarring, it is possible to return to daily activities faster
  • Only with NANA's Know-How

    NANA's lifting Know-How will be directly handled by NANA Plastic Surgery's medical staff who have extensive clinical experience.