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NANA Long-lasting Fat Grafting

Only at NANA Plastic Surgery
Fat Engraftment Rate

Fat grafting is more than putting in pretty, It's important to have the ability to put the implanted fat in a good way. NANA's Long-lasting Fat Grafting takes all forms to ensure that the transplanted fat is maximally invaginated so that the results are as long as possible, as well as a pretty shape. NANA medical team is trying extremely hard to put each unit one by one during Fat Grafting.
NANA Long-lasting Fat Grafting Surgery Information
  • Operation Time

    1 Hour 30 Minutes
  • Anesthetic

    Local Anesthesia
  • Admission

  • Blood
    Drainage Bag

  • Stitch

  • Daily Activities

    Possible Immediately
    After Surgery
  • Treatment

    After Surgery
    1 Week
Special Features of NANA's Fat Grafting
  • 01

    Unit by Unit

    For maximum engraftment, blood vessels must grow between the cells after transplantation. Therefore, our NANA Plastic Surgery's doctors are working hard on Fat Grafting for unit-based Fat Grafting, unlike traditional methods. Efforts to engage one fat cell lead to good surgical results.
  • 02

    Optimal Fat Separation Technology Know-How

    Even if the fat is extracted the same, the purity of the fat and the rate of engraftment differ depending on how it is separated. NANA Plastic Surgery has synthesized a number of research papers to calculate the optimal centrifugation RPM and accurate time.
  • 03

    Operate Local Storage Center

    NANA Plastic Surgery operates a a fully sterilized fat local storage center. Because it keeps fat under cryogenic temperatures in special freezers second fat grafting can be done safely.
  • 04

    Fat Extraction Know-How

    In NANA Plastic Surgery, the liposuction medical staff with Know-How extracts the fat with the aim of minimizing the tissue damage even when extracting the fat, so the bruising and swelling of the fat extraction site is drastically reduced and recovery is quick after surgery.
Possible Parts for NANA Fat Grafting
  • 1. Forehead

    If the shape of the forehead is lying back or the bone itself is uneven, it will look older and look more impressive. Through Fat Grafting, can create a forehead line with a smooth and natural profile.
  • 2. Sunken Upper Eyelids

    Due to constitutional or acquired reasons, eyelids may not have fat below the bones. This makes a strong impression and wrinkles around the eyes. Fat Grafting can create younger-looking eyes and elastic eyelids with fewer fine lines.
  • 3. Check (Side Cheek, Front Cheek)

    Without fat in the cheek, face looks lifeless and the contours of the bones will be revealed, giving a strong impression. Therefore, the goal is to feel young and healthy through Fat Grafting. In particular, the ball is the place where the injected fat is better absorbed, and is effective and lasts longer.
  • 4. Smile Line (Nasolabial Fold)

    Improving the wrinkles that connects from the nostrils to the ends of the mouth creating the look more natural and luxurious.
  • 5. Breast

    Basically, fat grafting in the chest area is limited for skin people. Becauyse they lose a lot of fat and the shape is hard to catch, but for people who have the proper volume, will get more satisfying results because almost no possibilities for spherical construction in creating natural touch or shape.
  • 6. Hand (Hand Fat Grafting)

    Even for people who have a younger appearance, there are many cases of aging in the hand area. Especially when the fingers are not fleshy or the blood vessels are seen to protrude, it is possible to get older and through fat grafting will make hands shine and will get a young and pretty volume feeling.
  • 7. Hip-up

    Nowadays, showing off one's figure is another attraction, and interest in hip-up such as back-tae and squash is increasing. Hip fat grafting gives the legs a long look with the elasticity of the hips.