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Rhinoplasty Revision

What is
Rhinoplasty Revision ?

After nose surgery, reoperation is necessary if the nose is different from the desired nose shape, the implant is too high,the tip of the nose is sharp, the implant is severely moved, the nose falls or the nose is inflamed. Reoperation is more difficult and prudent than the first operation, and should be done carefully, so it is recommended to be treated by an experienced specialist.
Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery Information
  • Duration

    1 ~ 2 Hours
  • Anesthesia

    ( IV Sedation )
  • Hospitalization

  • Stitch

    After 7 Days
  • Daily Activity

    Possible after stitch removal
  • Treatment Visits

    2 Minimum
Causes and Treatment Method of NANA Rhinoplasty Revision
  • 01

    The Implant Has Moved

    This occurs when the nasal septum is weak or warped and the nose tip is forcibly raised without understanding the structure of the nose. We relocate the existing cartilage and use additional cartilage to build a sturdy pillar to prevent cartilage turning to one side.
  • 02

    Inproportional or Unatural

    The surgery was carried out poorly or with a bad surgery plan. Through sufficient consultation, the surgery is customized to take into account the personal preference, skin & body condition and overall harmony of one's face.
  • 03

    Capsular Contracture by Implants

    The most complicated case of revision. Skin and cartilage tissues contracted by infection must be precisely separted and dissected so that they can be streched enough. Septal, ear cartilage, rib cartilage or other self materials are sued to rebuild the tip to prevent side effects or deviation re-occuring. For the bridge, we can use one's own tissues such as dermis to build up the height.
  • 04

    Change in the Shape of Nose Tip

    The nose tip can sometimes drop or be pulled up (in case of previously short nose) within 3-6 months due to nasal septum depressor (muscle) and/or absorption of the implanted cartilage. In this case, the tip of the nose can be raised with additional cartilage.
  • 05

    Implant being visible through skin

    Lowering the height of the implant or replacing it with a thinner implant, or correcting the phenomenon by covering the implant with dermis or fascia can be done.
  • 06


    In case of local inflammation, it can be controlled by using antibiotics. In case of inflammation related to the implant, the implant should be removed as soon as possible, and revision can be performed during removal or later on using self-cartilage tissue.

When is the right time for Rhinoplasty
Revision recommended by NANA Plastic Surgery ?

In general, the timing of revision is 6 months after surgery and it is recommended to perform the operation after the tissue is softened.

In case of inflammation caused by implants, it is recommended that the implant is removed immediately and the timing of the revision in this case may be different in each case.

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