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Alar Reduction

Alar Reduction Surgery

When alar appear large and spread widely, the nostrils are also appear big and the nostrils are low even though they are not low. In this case, reduce the width of the alar is suggested in order to
create an ideal nose.
Surgical Information of Alar Reduction Surgery
  • Duration

    1 Hour
  • Anesthesia

    ( IV Sedation )
  • Hospitalization

  • Stitch

    After 7 Days
  • Daily Activity

    Possible after stitch removal
  • Treatment Visits

    2 Minimum
Special feature of NANA Alar Reduction Surgery?
  • 01

    Surgery to avoid scars as much as possible.

  • 02

    Surgery does not make the nostrils look awkward.

  • 03

    Surgery in harmony with other parts of the face.

  • 04

    Surgery is performed by matching the symmetry of both nostrils.

Alar ReductionSurgery Method
  • Nostril shape will be designed before surgery in order to harmony with the entire nose shape.

  • Designed to remove the nostril tissue and suture. Use a triangular flap so that
    the implant does not become depressed.

  • The scar is not visible because the incision is located only at the nostril lower part