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Bulbous Nose

What is
Bulbous Nose

A blunt-looking nose called Bulbous Nose makes the whole impression round and wide. The cause of the bluntness of nose tip is wide spread of the cartilage on left and right sides, and the thick layer of skin and fat covering the nose tip. The width of the nose is relatively wider than the width of the nose tip, and the nose tip seems to be dull. NANA Plastic Surgery calibrates these noses and reduces the nose tip and makes a sophisticated impression by matching the balance with the face. Create a stylish nose line.
NANA Bulbous Nose Surgery Method
  • 01

    If the nasal cartilage is large,
    cut some of it to reduce its size.
  • 02

    If the skin is thick, remove the tissue under the nose of the proper amount of nose.
  • 03

    If the cartilage is open, collect the cartilage in the center while raising the tip of the nose.