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Aquiline Nose

Aquiline Nose

This operation corrects the strong impression of a curve, because the middle part of the nose is raised. The excessive growth of nasal septum and nasal septal cartilage causes the nose to protrude, making the nose look low and nose tip drooping. The middle part of the nose which protrudes convexly, and often gives a strong and stubborn impression. NANA Aquiline Nose Surgery removes the protruding parts of the nose, depending on the individual's cause, and cleans the lines on nose tip to create fine and sophisticated nose line.
NANA Aquiline Nose Surgery Method
  • 01

    Remove curve on the nose

    Remove protruding bones and cartilage using a sophisticated knife and bractor.
  • 02

    Increase nasal tip

    In most cases of Aquiline Nose, the nose tip is sagging, and the cartilage is used to raise the nose bridge and nose tip. Raising the tip of the nose reduces the amount of hawk removed. If the nasal bridge is low, nasal bridge implant will be used.
  • 03

    Narrow wide nose

    If the pump is severe and the nose is wide, the outside of the nose bone is fractured to the osteotomy and collected inside.
Surgery Method according to the type of Aquiline Nose
Surgery Method according to the type of
Aquiline Nasal Bridge Nose Tip Surgery Method
O High High Removing only the pump by the intra nasal incision
O Low High Removing the pump by intra nasal incision + nasal implants
O High Low Removing Pump + raising nasal tip using autologous cartilage
O Low Low Removing the pump + using the autologous cartilage to raise the tip of the nose + implant for Nasal Bridge
Aquiline Nose Surgery Method
  • Make an incision along the lips and nasal incision line.

  • The nasal septal cartilage is taken safely and the nasal septum is stretched while adjusting the angle of the nose tip.

  • Thoroughly carve the implant in consideration of the elevated nose and forehead lines.

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