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Soft Rhinoplasty

How can you avoid upturned
nose after surgery?

NANA Soft Rhinoplasty uses a PDO strut, which is not a solid cartilage but a human body absorbent material, to hold the line at the tip of the nose. In addition, unlike the conventional rigid silicone implants, High Soft silicone are soft that are freely movable and the shape of the implant is smoothly changed along the nasal bone, resulting in a natural shape.
Soft Rhinoplasty Surgery Information
  • Duration

    1 ~ 2 Hours
  • Anesthesia

    ( IV Sedation )
  • Hospitalization

  • Stitch

    After 7 Days
  • Daily Activity

    Possible after stitch removal
  • Treatment Visits

    2 Minimum
Special Features of NANA Soft Rhinoplasty
  • 01

    Features of nose using

    Soft Rhinoplasty is made by using PDO MESH, a new biodegradable material, to form a nasal tip.

  • 02

    HIGH SOFT Silicone

    HIGH SOFT Silicone is soft enough to allow the nose to bend freely, unlike the conventional rigid silicone implants, and there is almost no visible signs of silicone through the skin over time.

  • 03

    3D CT Rhinoplasty

    3D CT is used to find out and analyze problems in the nose that are not visible before surgery and to perform accurate surgery. Check the condition of the nasal septum and the state of the nose and the degree of bending, and know the extent of the inferior turbinate, and not only the shape of the nose but also the functional part of the nose.
  • 04

    Revision Surgery NO!
    Safe Nose Surgery

    The surgeries are performed safely, self cartilage will be used such as nasal septum or ear cartilage will be used for nasal tip so that there is no lifetime reoperation. To Prevent the possibility of inflammation due to implants or other causes in advance.