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Lower Eyelid Fat Repositioning

Looks More Youthful With Brighter Lower Eyelids

Lower Eyelid Fat Repositioning is
a surgical procedure that improves tired and dark
impression due to protruding fat on lower eyelid.
Removing and repositioning the fat through the conjunctiva to remove the sagging lower eyelid to achieve a youthful effect. More ideal results can be obtained through accurate diagnosis by NANA Eye Surgery specialist and NANA specialized surgical methods.

To remove
the darkness of the eyes
Lower Eyelid Fat Repositioning !

As aging progresses, excess fat accumulates in the tissues under the eyes or skin elasticity is lost.
Depending on the individual,
there may be cases where fat bulges come out or sink,
and leaving the fat is a major cause of wrinkles, tears, and dark circles.
Lower Eyelid Fat Repositioning Surgery Information
  • Operation

    30 - 40 Minutes
  • Anesthetic

    Local Anesthesia
    ( IV Sedation )
  • Admission

  • Stitch

    7 Days After
  • Daily Activities

    1 Day After
    Daily Activities Are Possible
  • Treatment

Ideal Candidates for Lower Eyelid Fat Repositioning
NANA Lower Eyelid Fat Repositioning Surgery Method
  • Incision through
    conjunctiva inside
    the eye for
    no visible scaring.

  • Separate the area where
    the bones and skin adhered
    to the lower eyelid furrow
    to create a space
    for fat repositioning.

  • If the fat is excessive,
    remove and relocate
    parts of the fat.

  • Fix the fat that has
    been relocated to the area
    under the eyes and
    seal the conjunctiva.

  • Fresh and bright eyes
    without dark circle
    are created.

NANA Various Under Eyelid Surgery Method
  • 01

    Lower Eyelid Fat Repositioning

    · Incision through the conjunctiva so that no
      visible scars.
    · Reposition the bulging under eyelid fat in the   off-set area and fix it.
    · As the bulging fat under the eyes disappears,
      the original charm resurfaced and the
      dark tears fills up, improving dark circles.
    · To make it look more charming, applying
      charm fillers is possible.
  • 02

    Removal Of Under Eyelid Fat

    · If the dark circles are not severe and the
      protuberance of the underside of the eye is
      severe, remove only the fat.
  • 03

    Lower Eyelid Fat Grafting

    · If the under eyelid fat to be relocated is
      insufficient or there is no overall volume from
      the tear valleys to the foreground, it is
      performed together with Lower Eyelid Fat
  • 04

    Lower Eyelid Surgery

    · If there is dark circles with severe skin wrinkles,
      remove the sagging skin together with Lower
      Eyelid Fat Repositioning and Lower Eyelid

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