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MAMA Breast Surgery

Sagging Breast Surgery
After Childbirth

A breast surgery that improves the volume of the chest by supplementing the drooping tissue and the stretched skin elasticity without
additional incision using only the implant.

With dual plane plus surgery, we improve the cause of sagging,
and lift the breasts returning them to a resilient natural breast shape.
Resume your volume back and get back the beautiful Y line you lost after childbirth.
What is Sagging Breast Correction?
In small cases, breast surgery will be performed to correct the the sagging due to volume supplementation.
In severe cases, an incision is made around the arthroponia to raise the breast tissue up and hold it in place.
Aging, loss of elasticity due to breastfeeding, and sagging breast (dropping breast) can be corrected or operated according to the stage of deflection.
  • Sagging breast Type 1

    When areola is around 1cm lower than the underline of the breast.
  • Sagging breast Type 2

    When areola is about 1~2cm lower than the underline
    of the breast but is above the bottom skin area of the breast.
  • Sagging breast Type 3

    When areola is 3cm or more lower than the underline
    of the breast and is pointing downwards.
MAMA Breast Surgery Information
  • Operation

    1 Hour
  • Anesthetic

    General Anesthesia
  • Admission

  • Blood
    Drainage Bag

  • Stitch

  • Daily Activities

    1~ 3 Days After Daily
    Activities Are Possible
  • Treatment

    1 Week
    After Surgery
NANA MAMA Breast Surgery
By checking the stage of swelling, shape of the chest, and the location of the nipple after childbirth, you will be able to choose the implant and the method of operation that suits your body type the most.
  • 01

    Surgical breast improvement
    using Dual Plane II/III

    At NANA Plastic Surgery, We use the Dual Plane II/III method instead. We use the volume of the implant to lift the sagging breasts giving it an excellent lifting effect and returning the breasts to how they once were before

  • 02

    After Childbirth Breast
    Unique Know-How tip

    NANA Plastic Surgery has unrivaled a Know-How tip by performing numerous surgical cases in order to restore the texture of the breast along with deflection as well as maximizing volume improvement by using various implants to fill the volume which is turned off after delivery.
  • 03

    Nipple Improvement

    NANA'S Mama Breast Surgery pursues perfection to match the optimal nipple-to-shoulder balance for those who worry about enlarged nipples after childbirth.

  • 04

    Back to the old texture you had before

    In addition to it's size and shape, with our various Know-how tip, we revitalize the feeling of the old breasts. Also in addition to the double protection of the implant, we complete a smooth texture by using a breast solution just before the insertion of the implant.

What makes NANA Breast Surgery Special?
  • 1

    Dr. Hwang Dong Yeon published a surgical method paper
    Know-How PRS

    Dual Plane Plus has been registered in the world's prestigious journal, published in a paper on its technical Know-How to improve the breast texture.
  • 2

    More than 3,000
    Breast Surgery Cases

    Dr. Hwang Dong Yeon has experience in about 3,000 cases of chest surgery (as of June 2018), using micro-texture type as well as water droplets, rounds and many other implements.
  • 3

    Presentation of
    Various Academic Conferences and
    lecturer of implant company
    as Key Doctor

    In order to provide various experience and Know-How about breast molding, we are invited to domestic and overseas academic conferences and implant manufacturers and regular lectures are being held as key doctor.
  • 4

    Using 4K screen
    with Full HD Endoscope

    Now, with the 4K screen, we can examine all the finer nerves and tiny blood vessels that we have not seen before, and dramatically reduced bleeding and pain. A gauze less than one sheet of bleeding is rarely used, and there is no compression bandage after surgery.
NANA Complete Care System from Before to After Surgery
  • Pre-Operation Examination

    To ensure that all patients undergo surgery safely, we conduct professional and comprehensive examinations at university-hospital level. In particular, it is possible to diagnose chest conditions thoroughly by examining breast health prior to surgery.
  • Spherical Construction Zero Program

    NANA Plastic Surgery is running the old-style zeroing program to prevent the formation of the spherical shape during breast surgery and to achieve the feel of the actual breast texture.
  • Scar Zero Program

    We have a 1: 1 customized care system from consultation to surgery. Dermatologist's professional scar treatment program cleans up even small scars.
  • Soft Texture Program

    Various programs to improve texture, such as high frequency and heel light, can shorten the recovery period and bring out the best surgical results.