Why is NANA unique?


Performed & cared by expert surgeons with professional team
with years of experiences & certified skills.

개인정보 수집 및 이용에 대한 안내

나나 성형외과에서는 고객상담 서비스 제공을 위하여 귀하의 개인정보를 아래와 같이 수집하고자 합니다.

수집하는 개인정보 항목
이름, 연락처
수집 및 이용목적
나나성형외과에서 진행하는 수술 및 진료에 관한 전화상담
보유 및 이용기간
전화상담 목적의 종결시까지

From pre to post operation
Perfect system & amazing results
Unique Skills!

105% Pocket Creation
for best possible feeling

The pocket size must be precise.
Nana's Surgeons create completely dry pocket
with the space 105% of the implant which gives
optimal room for the implant to be inserted.

Perky and Firm!
Wrap the implants twice

The implants are held in double layers by
Dual Plane Plus placement method for
more natural look & soft feel while being held firmly.

Unique NANA Dissection
Prettier Cleavage

Nana doctors use 4D HD Endoscope to dissect pockets precisely in size and position to help you get
beautiful cleavage & natural movement after surgery.

Dual Plane

Top part of the implant is covered by Pectoralis Muscle, Bottom part
by mammary gland tissues creating internal lift effect.

Dual Plane Plus+

Top part of the implant is covered by Pectoralis Muscle, Bottom part of the implant by fascia to improve feelings more.

Full HD Endoscope

Full HD endoscope with 4K screen is used during surgery
to minimize nerve & tissue damage and bleeding to
prevent risk of complications and offer you faster healing.

  • Precise performance by viewing nerves & veins through 4K screen
  • Minimum & accurate excision to avoid unnecessary tissue damage
  • Minimized pain, bleeding, swelling & scar by minimized incision
  • Prevention of capsular contracture risk with stable operation
  • Prevention of nerve damage or other post-op complication risks



We have minimized the pain
after surgery by operating surgery using
4K monitor & full HD endoscope checking
even the nerves within the veins.



NANA-made correctional bra & band
is offered to compress and fix the implant
in place to minimize its movement.

Natural feel of breasts
are maximized at Nana


We use dual plane plus method
that wraps the implant in double layers
to maximize the natural & softe feel
of our breast after surgery.

NANA Plastic Surgery Proudly Promise optimal results for you.

Minimized pain by cutting-edge equipments! Real breast feel with DPP method!

We focus on offering optimal result based on what the patient wants for maximum satisfaction.

Expert specialist performing your surgery
After years of experience and skills. NO ghost doctor.
ONE-DAY NANA Breast Surgery!

Dual Plane Plus surgical method was published in internationally renowned
medical journal called PRS(Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) by NANA's
Head doctor as a skill for operation method used to improve surgery result & feel.

Nana's breast specialists proudly take responsibility for each and every patient from
the very first consultation to post operational check-up sessions with the background
knowledge, skills and experiences coming from various cases of augmentation, lift
and reconstrcution using many different types of implants and operation methods.

We prove with results!

NANA's ONE-DAY Breast Surgery

Professional steps from pre to post operation

NANA Hospital's Management System

NANA Hospital is offering breast surgery program that offers examination to recovery all in one day
based on surgery experience and know-how coming from performing various cases.

  • STEP.01

    Examination & Check-up

    We provide examinations and check-up that are possible in General Hospital level for our patients before making medical decisions.

  • STEP.02

    Capsular contracture
    Prevention Program

    We run our own unique Capsular contracture prevention program.

  • STEP.02

    Post-Op Care Program

    We offer various steps of post-operational care for healing and improved softness from healing light, radiofrequency care to ultrasound care.

  • STEP.02

    Scar Care Program

    We offer professional and effective fresh scar care and old scar treatments from our dermatology and care department.

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