About NANA Hospital

NANA Plastic Surgery
Endless Research & Study
of Plastic Surgery

We constantly study and research about the aesthetics
and update our surgical techniques
to lead a worldwide plastic surgery trend.

NANA Plastic Surgery
Value Each and Every Individual

We approach every patient with an honesty & genuine heart
by always putting their health & needs first.
We care for & communicate with each patient like our family.

NANA Plastic Surgery
Care for patients' value and belief

Not only do we strive to improve the appearance but also
strive to heal one's internal mind so that patients' esteem
can become strong & beautiful together with their appearance.

NANA Plastic Surgery
Research About Plastic Surgery

Endlessly study and research about beauty
and polish surgical techniques
to lead worldwide plastic surgery tread.

NANA Plastic Surgery
Cares About Patients

Thinking about people first just like
treating a family member to communicate,
treat and approach them with honest mind and heart.

NANA Plastic Surgery
Cares About Patients' Heart

Not just simply improving the appearance but also
thinking about how to heal internally so that the heart
can become beautiful together through beautiful appearance.