Nana PRP Fat Grafting

Nana Plastic Surgery strives for long-lasting results by exploring every method to ensure the maximum survival of transplanted fat. During fat grafting, efforts are made to insert each cell individually, and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is concurrently performed to enhance the skin.

Thorough Preoperative
Examination for
Nana PRP Fat Grafting

To achieve the best results using the most suitable method, Nana Plastic Surgery checks platelet levels through preoperative blood tests. The PRP extraction method is adjusted based on platelet levels for optimal surgical procedures.

Every Method for High Graft
Survival in Fat Grafting Results

Nana Plastic Surgery makes efforts to achieve the highest graft survival rate by meticulously performing cell-level fat grafting. Minimizing damage during fat extraction reduces bruising and swelling, expediting recovery after surgery.


Maximum Liposuction Surgery Info

  • Surgical
    1 hour 30 minutes
  • Anesthesia
    General anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    Not required
  • Pocket
    of pus
  • Suture
  • Return to
    daily life
    Immediately possible
  • Outpatient
    1 week after


Why Nana's Fat Grafting
is Special

Nana PRP
Fat Grafting
Nana Plastic Surgery focuses on cell-level fat grafting for superior surgical results, ensuring the highest graft survival by promoting blood vessel growth into transplanted cells.
Optimal Fat Separation Techniques Know-How
Nana Plastic Surgery achieves optimal fat purity and graft survival by calculating precise centrifuge separation RPM and duration, ensuring favorable surgical outcomes.
Operation of Fat Storage Center
Nana Plastic Surgery maintains a sterile fat storage center, storing fat in a specialized freezer at ultra-low temperatures, enabling secure secondary fat grafting for patients.
Expertise in Fat Extraction
Nana Plastic Surgery's medical professionals aim for minimal tissue damage when extracting fat, reducing bruising and swelling significantly. This expertise accelerates post-surgical recovery.