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[Star Daily News] Selecting the Right Surgery Method for Sagging Breasts
2019-06-28 13:31:00

[Star Daily News]

Journalist: Hwang Gyu Jun

Selecting the Right Surgery Method for Sagging Breasts

(Dr. Dong Yeon Hwang)

Out of many post-natal symptoms women experience, sagging breasts seem be to the cause of depression.
After childbirth, women’s breasts swell up for breastfeeding and ‘deflate’ once the breast tissue shrinks into its original state.
Not only are sagging breasts bad for self-confidence, they’re also uncomfortable.
Thus, more and more women are looking to breast augmentation as a solution.

Method of surgery depends on the degree of sagging.
If the breasts are not sagging too much, a simple breast augmentation surgery can be chosen using the appropriate implants that matches one’s body type.
If the breasts are sagging to a more concerning degree, an additional incision had to be made along the lower part of the breasts to perform a lift as well.

An accurate diagnosis is crucial before performing a breast augmentation surgery for sagging breasts.
If a surgeon makes a misdiagnosis or performs a surgery that was not suitable for the patient’s breast type, results of the surgery can turn out badly.
Unnatural breast-shape, asymmetrical breasts, a large gap between the breasts are some examples of what can go wrong after a breast augmentation surgery.

Nana Plastic Surgery’s head doctor Dr. Dong Yeon Hwang quoted, “Breast augmentation surgery is a high-level surgery. Patients must choose carefully.”
He also advised, “Each person has a different breast shape, structure, tissue, and skin type. All of these factors must be considered when selecting a method of surgery.
Consult with a breast surgery expert who can analyze all of these factors.”

Lastly, post-op care is also very important for breast augmentation surgeries as some people tend to have more persistent scars due to their skin type.