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[Health Column] Why did I get “sausage” eyelids? What to do when considering eye revision surgery.
2020-10-13 16:28:08

Office worker A (24) always wears thick framed glasses despite the fact that her eyesight is not that bad. The reason is that she didn’t like her eye surgery result from the double eyelid surgery two years ago. Her double eyelid looks pretty buffy and thick as if she just got the surgery done recently, due to her double eyelid line being too high for her eye structure. In Korea, eyes with double eyelid lines which are super overcorrected or that look unnaturally thick and swollen are called “sausage eyes.”


What causes the “sausage eyes’ result?
There are various reasons but one of the most typical reasons is how the surgery was performed. Eye surgeries are commonly believed as simple procedures but if the surgery was performed without much precision and care to finish the surgery quickly, Unwanted tissues adhesion can overly form around the incision that was made to create the double eyelid line, resulting in the adhesion area to stand out.


The second reason is making the double eyelid line too high, giving it an overly thick look.


The third cause is due to not clearing the blood vessels properly after stitching that results in reduced blood flow.


If the patient doesn’t fully understand the real causes of undesired results such as sausage eyes after the eye surgery, there won’t be a good outcome even after revision surgery.

Due to above reasons, it’s particularly recommended to understand the cause of the problem and consult with a medical team thoroughly before going into a revision surgery.


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