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[MediSobiza] Liposuction is dangerous? Feel safe in hospitals with in-house anesthesiologists.
2020-03-09 10:00:00

[Health Column] Liposuction is dangerous? Feel safe in hospitals with in-house anesthesiologists.

Liposuction is a representative surgery that shows great result in curing obesity. The result is bound to be very effective as it gets rid of the root cause
by removing excessively accumulated subcutaneous fat from areas where it is prominent such as thighs, abdomen, upper arms within only one operation.


Liposuction treats obesity by suctioning fat cells only from the subcutaneous fat layer using thin metal pipe. It does not make excessive skin incision,
nor irritate areas other than the subcutaneous layer so it has lower risk of infection, side effect and complications compared to other surgeries.


However, fear of liposuction does exist as people can sometimes come across news articles with stories of patients facing dangerous moments during liposuction operation.
Then why did we start perceiving liposuction as a dangerous surgery? Most liposuction accident cases occur due to anesthesia problems.


Liposuction may seem a simple surgery but it requires a highly skilled hand technique. It needs well-experienced medical team and anesthesiologist on site,
checking the patient’s condition constantly while focusing on the surgery to avoid any danger.


Moreover, to make the operation even safer, doctors must make correct diagnosis and medical decisions for each operations
by performing detailed medical examination and tests to prevent all possible allergic reactions to medicine or substances
and any other dangerous situation prior to performing anesthesia on patients.


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